Discover Freediving

Discover Freediving Course on Nusa Penida

This course is made for those who want to try freediving. The course takes one day, in fact it is the first day of the initial course. If desired, the course can be continued.

We will meet in the morning at the school to begin the academic session. After the theory session we take the boat out and go to “freediving on the line”.

As soon as we finish the education process, we move to the shallows of the beautiful, colourful reef where we use new skills and enjoy the coral, teeming with marine life. Upon returning to the school you will have a debrief with your instructor.


  • Academic session - 1.5 hour

  • Open water session - 2 hours

  • Training by a certified freediving instructor

  • All necessary freediving gear rental

Price: 1,500,000 IDR
Approximate in: USD, EUR, GBP