Freediving Course

Freediving Course on Nusa Penida

It only takes one breath to open up a whole new world of sensations and experience. Whether at first you may not realize, freediving is for everyone. Within a very short period of time, you can easily glide to a depth of up to 20 meters.

Freediving course consists of:

- theoretical and practical training on land lasting 1.5-2 hours. Before entering the water we will cover everything you need to know; breathing technique, physics of movement, psycho-emotional attitude, history of freediving, different disciplines and exercises.

Theory part, all learning materials are available in digital form. All materials are available in English.

- if necessary, a lesson in our pool is possible before we go to the open water.

- freediving in the open water - ocean. First part is training on the “line”. Practicing freediving disciplines. Learning new skills.Within 2 days you will learn how to dive up to 20 meters. After that freediving for fun in the dive sites with the beautiful coral reef.


  • Familiarization with essential freediving equipment

  • Freediving technique - how to move efficiently underwater

  • Equalization techniques

  • Breathing techniques

  • Hydration and diet

  • Safety points

Water session

  • Preparation of equipment

  • Practice of breathing technique in the water

  • Practice efficient kicking technique

  • Practice of body positioning

  • Buoyancy check

  • Freedives on the dive-line to a maximum depth of 20 meters


  • Academic session - 1.5 hour

  • Open water session - 2 hours

  • Training by a certified freediving instructor

  • All necessary freediving gear rental

  • All taxes and fees

Price: 3,000,000 IDR
Approximate in: USD, EUR, GBP